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Puppets Who Kill in Turkey and South Korea

Puppets Who Kill is slowly seeping into the world country by country. We have now made new television sales to South Korea and Turkey. We welcome them aboard as we move ahead in our quest for world domination. At this rate it will only take another 200 years.

Puppets Who Kill Is Now In India

Juste Pour Rire, the international distributor of Puppets Who Kill, has just announced a sale of the series on the Indian subcontinent. The series will be dubbed in Hindi.

2006 – Directors Guild Award win

Oct 2006

Directors Guild of Canada Awards nominates Shawn Thompson for Best Directing and Elma Bello for Best Sound Editing on the Puppets Who Kill series. Elma Bello wins for Best Sound Editing.

2006 – Canadian Comedy Award win

Oct 2006

Puppets Who Kill co-creator/showrunner John Pattison wins Best
Comedy Writing Award at the Canadian Comedy Awards. John had been previously nominated 5 times.

2005 – 5 Gemini Award nominations

Oct 2005

Puppets Who Kill nominated for 5 more Gemini Awards…including
Best Comedy Series, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Supporting Actor, Best
Directing, Best Photography. Rick McVicar [our director of Photography] wins for Best Photography.

2004 – Best Directing Gemini

Oct 2004

Shawn Alex Thompson wins a Gemini Award for Best Director of a Comedy Series for Puppets Who Kill.

2004 – 5 Gemini Award nominations

Sept 2004

Puppets Who Kill receives five Gemini Award nominations.

PWK gets a Writer’s Guild Award nomination

John Pattison receives a Top Ten Writing Award Nomination 2004 for Puppets Who Kill.

Gemini Award for Best Writing

Oct 2003

Gemini Win for PWK! Writer John Pattison is awarded a 2003 Gemini Award for Best Writing in a Comedy Series for the episode “The Payback.”

Oct 2003

Shooting begins on season two of Puppets Who Kill.