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Here’s some press for the Puppets Who Kill TV Series.


Globe Review – Return of the fiendish puppets by Andrew Ryan
Based on the theatre production by John Pattison, PWK’s first two seasons were both well-recieved and well-rated.

Fine Tuning – Puppets Who Kill kills by Alex Strachan
The murderous hand puppets are back for a third season of mirth and mayhem.

The Toronto Star –  Star Week Magazine
Comedy for Dummies. Dan Redican and Puppets Who Kill lead the way into a Hallowe’en issue of mannequin madness.

The Toronto Star – A day with Puppets Who Kill by Rob Salem
Darkly hilarious new comedy series now in production in Toronto.

Toronto Sun – Killer Stuff by Bill Brioux
Wonderfully sick Puppets make their Comedy debut tomorrow night.

Globe Review – Beavis and Butt-heads of puppetry by Michael Posner
Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m just tired, but I think Puppets Who Kill is a hoot.

When good toys go bad by Rob Salem
It began as a one-off half-hour pilot that initially aired to rave reviews last year on the Comedy Network.

Fine Tuning – Puppets who kill for the CBC by Alex Strachan
Gordon Pinsent and the murderous marionettes.


The Globe and Mail – Sick Puppetry by Scott Colbourne
The perverse pleasure of marionettes gone bad as Puppets Who Kill returns for another season.

Globe and Mail – Dark Crude and Canadian by John Doyle
Puppets Who Kill: Crass, minimal and a blissful attack on all things bourgeois, it’s part of a vigorous subgenre of Canadian comedy.

Sun Television – Demented Puppeteer
Dan Redican continues his nasty little show.

Back for more killer laughs – by Jim Slotek
Be on the watch for these deadly killers as they begin a new season of debauchery on the Comedy Network.