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a message from John Pattison – writer/founding creator


Greetings to Puppets Who Kill fans everywhere and a happy 2008 to all of you…welcome to our pwk productions website – now up and running since Sept ’07. The main Puppets Who Kill site has now been updated for you, and all new postings and news from here on in will take place at this site. Sorry to take so long to update the site…too much to do and too little time…we hope to do better in the future.

First off: We’ve made 4 seasons of Puppets Who Kill and had a blast doing it. I hope you’ve had as much fun watching the show as we have had making it. I really appreciate the support and kind words you’ve sent our way over the past four seasons…so a big thank you from all of us here at Puppets Who Kill….

Stay tuned. There may be some more PWK information coming along shortly.

all the best

John Pattison