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Jerry Juhl sang the praises of Puppets Who Kill

I’ve been cleaning up the office lately and came upon an e-mail from 2002 that I hadn’t looked at in a long while.

It was from Jerry Juhl, the legendary head writer of the Muppet Show. I knew Jerry from the Fraggle Rock days, and I had sent him a copy of Puppets Who Kill to see what he thought. [FYI I sent him ‘Buttons and the Counsellor’s Wife.’]

Here’s what he said, in part:

“We fell about laughing at “Puppets Who Kill” and are looking forward to a couple of hundred more episodes. [Though I admit that my only real worry about the show is how you will ever manage to sustain it week after week].

“What can I say? The concept is brilliant. The writing is very sharp and really funny. Congratulations to everyone involved.”


He was always generous with his support – it was great to stumble upon this e-mail after so much time. Jerry passed away in 2005 – we’ll always remember his great contribution to puppetry and to the Muppets.

John Pattison – Puppets Who Kill