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Beyond Puppets Who Kill a Hit in Hamilton Fringe

John Pattison’s one man show Beyond Puppets Who Kill was a hit at the Hamilton Fringe Festival this past week. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show – which is still in its early development stages. John plans to remount it in a more fleshed out form in Toronto either later this year or early next year.

A big thanks to Luke Brown and his staff at Theatre Aquarius for all their help.

Here is a review of the show from THE VIEW Magazine in Hamilton:

I absolutely loved this show, and intend to go back for a second viewing. From “Fraggle Rock,” John Pattison shows off fantastic puppetry skills, plus his ventriloquism and characterizations are superb. Also, it was a warm fuzzy treat to hear a first–hand account of who Jim Henson really was. Pattison’s personal stories work perfectly as space between his hilarious, top–rate puppet sequences. Bravo. A joy.

Beyond Puppets Who Kill in Hamilton Fringe Festival

John Pattison is presenting a live show at the Hamilton Fringe Festival July 15-22, 2011.

Beyond Puppets Who Kill is a show that encompasses Puppetry, Spoken Word and the odd violent death.

Venue: Aquarius Studio

Show Times
Friday July 15th – 6:30pm

Saturday July 16th – 3:00pm

Sunday July 17th – 10:00pm

Tuesday July 19th – 6:30pm

Wednesday July 20th – 10:00pm

Thursday July 21st – 4:30pm

Friday July 22nd – 8:00pm

Check out the Hamilton Fringe Festival’s website for more details.

Here’s a review from the recent London, Ont. Fringe Festival:


Beyond Puppets Who Kill
Written and performed by John Pattison

As a fan of the Comedy Network show “Puppets Who Kill,” this performance was everything I had hoped it would be. With the same biting, twisted humour of the aforementioned show, Pattison’s performance is based around telling stories of his time becoming a puppeteer, working with Jim Henson and eventually developing the show this piece is named after. A good mix of story and back and forth puppet banter, similar to the style of Jeff Dunham but way, way better, it was interesting to learn more about the television industry while also having some good laughs from some sick jokes.

As the humour is quite dark, this show may not be for everyone. Do not be fooled by the fact that there are puppets in this show–it is NOT for children. A major part of the show revolves around breaking the stereotypical “cute and cuddly” image that most puppets have, hence the title referring to puppets who are murderers. If you loved the Muppets or Fraggle Rock as a kid, check this show out and see what a puppet show for adults is like.

4 out of 5 stars.