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In Development – Puppets Who Kill – The Movie

John Pattison and PWK Productions, the producers and owners of Puppets Who Kill, are pleased to announce that we are in development for Puppets Who Kill – The Movie.

PWK Productions has been collaborating with Telefilm – the film production branch of the government – for the past while on working to develop this project.

‘It’s very exciting to be in development for a feature film of Puppets Who Kill’ says John Pattison, founding creator and showrunner of the series. ‘We always felt it had good possibilities for the big screen.’

‘The movie has been in development for some time’ says John, ‘but we did not feel it was the right time to announce anything until now. There has been speculation and talk that this was in the works for the past couple of years. We now want to confirm that those rumours are true.’

The Puppets Who Kill movie script is being written by John Pattison.

We do hope to announce more exciting news about this project very soon – so stay tuned.