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Show Order for New DVD Set

For those of you who are curious what will be on the new ‘Best of Season 3 and 4’ DVD set, here is the episode line-up:

Season 4 Disc –

Dan and the Garden Shears
Mr. Big
Dan is Dead
Buttons and the Make a Wish Foundation
Bill and the Berkowitzs
The Rival House

Season 3 Disc –

Buttons on a Hot Tin Roof
Cuddles the Manchurian Candidate
Buttons the Dresser
The Lovely Fred
Dan and the New Neighbour
The CBC is Killing again

While it’s always a shaky proposition to declare that anything is your best – these episodes certainly have among them some of the finest we ever made. And they are certainly some of the most expansive and varied shows we ever did. A number of them were singled out for Gemini award nominations [and winning them on occasion], and several were very favorably reviewed in the press.

No doubt some favorites were left out….but for those of you who are already fans, we think you’ll enjoy re-acquainting yourself with these episodes. For those of you not as familiar with Puppets Who Kill, these episodes are a great place to dive in.

John Pattison – Puppets Who Kill